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PBS Professional Floating 30 Days Trial License (Per CPU Core)

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Altair’s PBS Works is a suite of on-demand cloud computing technologies that allows enterprises to maximize ROI on computing infrastructure assets. PBS Works is the most widely implemented software environment for grid-, cluster- and on-demand computing worldwide. The suite’s flagship product, PBS Professional, provides a flexible, on-demand computing environment that allows enterprises to easily share diverse (heterogeneous) computing resources across geographic boundaries. PBS Professional is a service orientated architecture, field-proven cloud infrastructure software that increases productivity even in the most complex computing environments.

IT managers and administrators at more than 1800 sites worldwide use PBS Professional to simplify job submission, enabling scientists, designers, financial analyst and engineers to remain focused on their fields of expertise. PBS Professional efficiently distributes workloads across cluster, SMP, and hybrid configurations, scaling easily to thousands of processors and millions of jobs.

This trial license will allow you to evaluate all the features of PBS Professional for 30 days.

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